Keeping You Informed – Conditions in Beau Chene

To Beau Chene Residents,Important updates:

Power still remains down throughout Beau Chene. Cleco is now on the ground working to repair but no timeline yet.  Within Beau Chene power is supplied by multiple transformers so specific areas will be restored at different times.

Our water and sewer systems our still functioning and WATER IS SAFE TO DRINK.

We are in touch with the Keys and are awaiting confirmation for their garbage and yard trash pickup schedules.

You may place your yard trash at the edge of your lawns adjacent to the road shoulders. We have coordinated with the Beau Chene Country Club a yard trash tree debris staging area within Beau Chene.

Our Public Works staff’s priorities are:

– sewer lift stations pumped down & generators checked, fueled etc…
– removal of debris from HOA drainage servitude’s and culverts
– responding to all calls for water and sewer

For Water & Sewer Emergencies Please call Lindsey at
985-231-6285 ext 3

Further updates will be sent as soon as new information is obtained.

Cristina Donovan

BCHOA Office Closed – Inclement Weather

Dear Homeowners and Residents:

Due to the expected storm impact from Hurricane Ida, our office will be closed all day Monday, August 30th. We expect to reopen on Tuesday, August 31st at our normal business hours of 8:00 AM till 5:00 PM. 

In addition, we are closing the right-hand member lanes at the MAIN and EAST gates and disabling the barrier gate security arms. This measure is to prevent wind damage of the automated gate arms. 

For any water or sewer emergencies please call Lindsey at 985-231-6285 ext. 3 or 985-630-2717.

For all other emergencies call the Security Guards at: 
Main Guard Gate    985-845-7560
East Guard Gate    985-845-8495
Marina Guard Gate    985-845-7022

Be careful and stay safe.

Cristina Donovan

Keeping You Informed – Hurricane Prep

Tropical Storm Ida

The BCHOA is watching the news carefully and monitoring the forecasts for Tropical Storm Ida. The storm is predicated to start impacting our area over the weekend. There is the potential for winds higher than 40 mph and rainfall of up to 15 inches.

In anticipation of possible tropical-storm-force winds, we are closing the right-hand member lanes at the MAIN and EAST gates and disabling the barrier gate security arms. This measure is to prevent wind damage of the automated gate arms. The right-hand member lanes will be closed today, Friday, August 27th, at 2:00 pm and remain closed through Monday, August 30th.

BCHOA Public Works (PW) Staff have implemented storm protocols including:
• Inspection of all community drainage ditches and culverts and debris removal if needed
• All equipment is fueled and tested including generators, chain saws, pumps, trackhoe, backhoe, dump truck and trailers
• Adequate diesel and gasoline fuel is stored to operate equipment & generators through the storm’s potential impact
• BCHOA Storm Protocols for water and sewerage locations are implemented

We have several forms of communication in place if we are impacted directly by a hurricane. The Beau Chêne Homeowners Association website is Messages and updates will be posted to the site when access is available and on our member only Facebook page at and our public Facebook page at .

The Beau Chêne Homeowners Association’s hotline phone number is 1- (314)–272-0288. Please make note of this hotline phone number. This is a message only hotline to keep residents – especially evacuated residents – informed of conditions in Beau Chêne and is only active during storm events. Please refrain from leaving messages when calling this number.

The BCHOA Emergency Notification System (ENS) will be used if circumstances require an immediate notification. ENS messages may be needed if a road becomes blocked with debris or flood waters.

To be informed of current conditions in the Parish please visit their website at:

Cristina Donovan

BCHOA Office Closed Monday, July 5th

Dear Residents:

The Beau Chene Homeowners Association office will be closed on Monday, July 5th in observance of Independence Day.

There will be normal garbage pickups.  For any water or sewer emergencies please call our main number at (985) 231-6285 and press #3 for Lindsey.

 For all other emergencies, please call the Security Guards at: 

Main Guard Gate    (985) 845-7560

East Guard Gate      (985) 845-8495

Marina Guard Gate (985) 845-7022

Enjoy a safe and happy 4th of July!

Cristina Donovan

Doug Tate’s Beau Chene Farewell 2021

Doug Tate’s Beau Chene Farewell

1,095 days, three new Beau Chene Entrances, 15,188 complaints, 11 quasi threats, zero caladiums planted, new and widely used jogging paths, two dues increases, two CAOs (Day and Donovan), five HOA presidents (Weaver, Simeon, Reardon, Angelle, and myself), new HOA ownership of our office space at the main entrance, full separation of HOA and TEC (The Earnest Corporation/Beau Chene Country Club), an emergency notification system, RFID tags, 10-15 Facebook pages, among scores of other major events have all occurred while I had the pleasure of serving on the Beau Chene Homeowner’s Board.

Since continually serving since May 16, 2012, what do I remember most? My daughter Lucy learning to ride her bike in the country club parking lot on a Monday afternoon and my son, Skillet, learning to catch fly balls in our front yard.

“Congratulations Doug as you wrap up your term as HOA President. As your business partner and longtime friend, I have really enjoyed watching how you dedicated yourself to your position and to serving your neighborhood. I have always enjoyed your videos, letters and Facebook messages promoting Beau Chene. The work of an HOA Board is often difficult, tiring, and thankless. From what I have seen, you handled yourself with class, humility, humor, and a genuine caring for the people you served. And as a Mandeville City Councilman, although Beau Chene is not in the city limits, it is still a very important part of Mandeville and a very active community. I know that you and your board members have left the neighborhood in even better shape than when you started, and that Lance and his team will be ready to keep the ball rolling. From one public servant to another – thank you for caring and thank you for serving.” Rick Danielson, Chairman of the Mandeville City Council.

“What kind of nerd serves on a HOA board for 9 years? Just kidding, congrats Dad, I love you,” said Preston “Skillet” Tate.

“Running an HOA the size of Beau Chene is like running a small municipality…yet you don’t get paid for volunteering your time, efforts and energy. As a St. Tammany native and a past resident of Beau Chene, I know the community has been truly blessed to enjoy Doug’s dedication, smarts, and varied talents over the past three years. Job well done Doug!” Mike Rase, Past President of Tchefuncta Club Estates.

“As a former Board Director and now the current CAO, I have had the pleasure and honor to work with Doug Tate for over 7 years. Doug has provided very strong leadership, a high level of collaboration and always a keen sense of humor to the board and to the entire membership. I congratulate Doug for a job (many jobs over his years of service to the BCHOA) well done! You will be tough for anyone to follow.” Cristina Donovan CAO Beau Chene Homeowner’s Association

“Congrats Doug, we are on the road again and we look forward to seeing you with your camera on the front row August 5 in Bethlehem, PA,” said Willie Nelson.

“If you know Doug Tate, you probably know that he is funny. You probably know that he loves Texas and Willie Nelson. He is a fantastic dad to Lucy and Preston. Here are some things you probably don’t know. He never missed one of Preston’s baseball games, and there were hundreds of them. He coaches Lucy in softball, and he is one of the coaches who makes sure every girl has fun and gets to pitch. This amazing man has juggled so much over the years and is exceptional at everything he does. I am so proud of Doug and all that he has accomplished over the years here in Beau Chene. It has been inspiring to watch him grow and successfully serve on so many boards throughout our community,” said Alex Tate.

“At Doug’s second birthday he surprised all of us by standing up and giving a speech. He told all the kids gathered that he dreamed of one day leading a homeowner’s association through various health, safety, and beautification projects, but seriously I wish our HOA in Chicago was as cohesive and forward thinking as Beau Chene,” said New York Times Bestselling Author, Christie Tate.

“Thank you to Doug Tate for bringing energy, dedication, and sweater vests back to life in Beau Chene. Congratulations on a term well served.” Patrick McMath, Louisiana State Senator.

“Doug, Thank you for your 9 years of service on the Beau Chene HOA Board. Under your leadership as board president and during your tenure our community has thrived, and the board has remained true to its purpose and mission to preserve and improve our neighborhood. The slate of improvements around campus has truly enhanced our experience as homeowners. I know you love Beau Chene as much as the rest of us and you proved it with your dedication and effort. Thank you.” Gareth Reardon, former Beau Chene HOA President.

“I am not sure what a HOA does, but my dad is always talking to people about Beau Chene. If there was a Beau Chene cheerleading team he would be the varsity captain. Dad, I love you,” said Lucy Tate.

Beau Chene has everything a resident needs inside its gates: exceptional trash service with the Keys, an awesome newly renovated Marina with Tchefuncte River access, 2 great golf courses, a sprawling country club with multiple pools, tennis courts (both indoor and outdoor), workout facilities, paved walking and jogging trails, great bass fishing, fish feeding stations, 3 new entrances, 24 hour manned security gates, kids playing baseball in the front yard, moms and daughters riding bikes, youngsters catching their first fish in the Beau Chene ponds, dads playing their sons in Ping Pong, great soil, private security force, and delicious fried chicken on Wednesdays at the Beau Chene Country Club.

It has been a supreme pleasure to serve on the Beau Chene HOA, and I can absolutely attest that the neighborhood is in better shape now than it was 9 years ago. The current HOA board is ready to continue the forward progress of Beau Chene. Cheers to the best neighborhood in Louisiana!

Doug Tate
Beau Chene HOA Director, 2012 – 2021 (9 years)
Chair of CEC, 2013 – 2018 (5 years)
Beau Chene HOA Vice President, 2014 – 2018 (4 years)
Beau Chene HOA President, 2018 -2021 (3 years)

COVID-19 Update – BCHOA Office Restrictions

To All Residents,

Based on Governor Edwards relaxing of restrictions on mandatory mask wearing, the BCHOA office will follow the same restrictions. Our office is open to the public with No mask mandate.  We do ask that visitors allow distancing of 6-feet apart.

Our office hours are Monday – Friday from 8:00 am till 5:00 pm.  Our staff continues to respond to all phone calls, emails, and other inquiries.

o    BCHOA Office Number: 985-231-6285 (ext. 3 for Water or Sewer Emergencies)
o    BCHOA Email Inquiries:
o    BCHOA Website:

Continue to Stay Safe and Stay the Course!

Cristina Donovan, CAO

Beau Chene HOA 2021 Election News

Dear Property Owners,

This month all property owners will be receiving the 2021 Ballot materials for the election of four (4) Directors. Each homeowner has the privilege and right to vote for their BCHOA Directors. Your vote also counts toward the establishment of a quorum for the transaction of business at the Annual Meeting. Your vote matters! Carefully review the materials and cast your vote according to the instructions contained in the mailing. Ballots must be mailed to the office of the Inspector at The Ballot Box in the postage-paid envelope provided in the ballot materials. All ballots must be received by The Ballot Box by May 5th to be counted.

The results of the election will be announced at the Annual Meeting of homeowners currently scheduled on May 12, 2021. Due to restrictions still in place for public meetings, the Board of Directors is planning to conduct the Annual Meeting via a virtual meeting as was done in 2020. Stay tuned for more information regarding the Annual Meeting.

Please mark your calendars for these important dates. You can refer to our calendar on our website at for these and other important dates.


Cristina Donovan
Chief Administrative Officer
Beau Chene Homeowners Association

Amendments to the BCHOA Restrictive Covenants

Dear Homeowners,

Please be on the lookout for a packet you will be receiving in the mail containing information about proposed amendments to the Beau Chene Homeowners Association, Inc.’s (BCHOA) restrictive covenants.  The last approved amendments to the BCHOA restrictive covenants were 36 years ago in 1985.  Since then, there have been many new issues and concerns raised by members of the BCHOA.

Following concerns raised at multiple annual meetings and after conducting town hall forums in 2019 and 2020, the Beau Chene Governance Committee has brought forward five (5) proposed changes/additions to the covenants to address the concerns raised in recent years.  These five (5) proposed amendments have been reviewed and approved by the Board of Directors and the BCHOA legal counsel.

The packet will include an explanation of the amendments, the wording of the amendments, and an approval form for indicating an acceptance/rejection of each of the following:

  1.  Short-term rentals
  2. A fine system for violations of covenants
  3. Clarification on permissible signage on properties
  4. An allowance of estate sales under certain conditions and a prohibition on garage sales
  5. Modification to the process for future covenant amendments to be considered.

Each property owner will receive this packet with a form where you (or you and any co-owner) can indicate an acceptance or rejection of each item being brought before the ownership, with an item requiring an approval vote of 50% plus one (777 out of 1,553) of the owners in favor of the change to be accepted.

The fully completed forms can be dropped off at the HOA office or mailed back in the envelopes provided. The forms must indicate the owner’s name and address in order to be counted.  If you have any questions regarding any of the proposed amendments, please contact David Parnell at or Cristina Donovan at

Please be sure to return your Amendment Approval Form as directed so that your input can be included!

Cristina Donovan, CAO

BCHOA New Years Schedule

Dear Homeowners and Residents:

Our offices will close early on Thursday, December 31st at 3:00 PM and remain closed on Friday, January 1st in observance of the New Year. 

Our regularly scheduled garbage pickup for Thursday will still occur, but please place your garbage out by 7 a.m. Christmas trees will be picked up with the yard trash on Wednesdays & Saturdays.  If your tree is 9 feet or taller, please cut the tree in half.  

St. Tammany Parish Government will accept Christmas trees for recycling.  The trees are collected for use in cooperative marsh restoration efforts. Bare (no flocking) trees can be brought to the St. Tammany Parish Fairgrounds at 1515 North Florida Street in Covington and The Old Levee Board Property at 61134 Military Road in Slidell, during daylight hours.  Trees must be stripped of all decorations: ornaments, lights, tinsel, etc. and the stands must be removed completely to be eligible for the program.  Flocked trees cannot be accepted at the drop-off sites as they cannot be used for the project.  Trees will be accepted until January 29, 2021.

For any water or sewer emergencies please call our main number at 985- 231-6285 and press #3 for Jacob.   

For all other emergencies call the Security Guards at: 

Main Guard Gate         985-845-7560
East Guard Gate          985-845-8495
Marina Guard Gate    985-845-7022

Have a Safe & Happy New Year!

Cristina Donovan
Chief Administrative Officer