Board of Directors

The annual, general membership association meeting is held each May. It is at the annual meeting that directors are elected to fill the positions of those with expiring terms. A meeting notice, the previous year’s minutes, and copies of the yearly audited financial statement are mailed to all members in advance of the meeting.

The 11-member board meets bi-monthly and as necessary for special needs.

Officers & Directors

Doug Tate, President and Director

Paul Angelle, Vice President and Director

Joseph “Jay” Whealdon, Secretary and Director

Lance Rase, Treasurer and Director 


Neal Hennegan, Director

Geoff Hingle, Jr., Director

David Pesses, Director

David Parnell, Director

deShea Richardson, Director

Michael Riggs, Director

Louise Rusch, Director 


Community Enhancement Committee
Louise Rusch, Chair

Environmental Control Committee

Finance Committee
Lance Rase, Chair

Governance and Legal Committee
deShea Richardson, Chair

Infrastructure Committee
David Pesses, Chair

Insurance Committee
 Jay Whealdon, Chair

Security Committee
Geoff Hingle, Jr., Chair