Dear Homeowners and Residents,

The Beau Chene Homeowners Association office will be closed on Wednesday July 4th in observance of Independence Day. We will be open regular hours 8:00 AM till 5:00 PM (closed one hour for lunch) the rest of the week.

For any water or sewer emergencies please call our main number at (985) 231-6285 and press #3 for Lindsey.

For all other emergencies call the Security Guards at:

Main Guard Gate
(985) 845-7560
East Guard Gate (985) 845-8495
Marina Guard Gate (985) 845-7022

Enjoy a safe and happy 4th of July weekend!

Cristina Donovan
Chief Administrative Officer

Guard of the Quarter – 1st Quarter 2018


We are pleased to announce Mr. William Hickman has been selected as the recipient of the “Guard of the Quarter” for the first quarter of 2018. Mr. Hickman has been with Vinson Guard Service and at Beau Chene for 15 months, becoming a full-time guard in June 2017. He currently works at the East Gate from 6 am until 2 pm, and at times works the outside lane at that gate from 3 pm to 6 pm.

Mr. Hickman is a Navy veteran, having guarded nuclear warheads on a destroyer and serving 3 tours overseas. Mr. Hickman said in the 6 months he has been at the East Gate, he has tried to improve service during his shift. He has noticed a general change in attitude, such that fewer residents are expressing dissatisfaction about the quality of service. He said recently when working the outside lane at the East Gate during peak traffic times, he had also been trying to alert the residents that the RFID entry system was about to go on line and that a RFID tag would be needed to use the lane.

Mr. Hickman has excellent attendance and is a consistent, reliable security officer. Please join us in congratulating him for his special recognition. William is pictured here with Chrystal Jacobs, Branch Operations Manager, Vinson Guard Service, Inc.

Submitted by Bill Maier

Memorial Day Schedule

Dear Homeowners and Residents:

The Beau Chene Homeowners Association office will be closed on Monday, May 28, 2018, in observance of Memorial Day.  Regular business hours will resume Tuesday, May 29,2018 at 8 a.m.

For any water or sewer emergencies please call our main number at 985- 231-6285 and press #3 for Lindsey or Paul.

For all other emergencies call the Security Guards at:
Main Guard Gate              985-845-7560
East Guard Gate               985-845-8495
Marina Guard Gate           985-845-7022

Have a safe and happy holiday weekend.

Cristina Donovan
Chief Administrative Officer

Golf Cart Dangers?

Summertime in Beau Chene means children out of school and more activity happening around the sub-division. A common activity during this time of year is more golf carts being driven by children. Driving golf carts on our roadways present many risks that the owners of golf carts need to be aware of.

According to a report from Reuters Health, new research has confirmed previous studies that golf cart crashes involving children can result in serious injuries and are usually the result of not enforcing safety rules or age restrictions. (

Researchers found that children as young as nine years old were driving golf carts, often not wearing seat belts, and faced the risk of the cart overturning. The study co-author observed, that non-automobile vehicles – like ATVs, go-karts, golf carts and others – “are often viewed as harmless or safe by parents and communities. This is especially true for golf carts, which tend to be slower.”

Parents, please think about the above information before letting your child drive a cart. If your child drives, is he/she driving responsibly and not overloading the cart with riders? Every parent and every child needs to understand that golf carts can be dangerous.

Please obey the traffic laws and use your common sense. Let’s all have a safe community, particularly for our children.



Cristina Donovan
Chief Administrative Officer



Hurricane Preparedness Tips for Residents

The 2018 Atlantic hurricane season officially begins on June 1, 2018 and will end on November 30, 2018. The 2018 Atlantic hurricane season forecast, released from Colorado State University, calls for the number of named storms and hurricanes to be slightly above historical averages, but less than last year. No matter what the forecast says, this is a good time to start your preparations.

Beau Chene Homeowners Association has several forms of communication in place if we are impacted directly by a hurricane. The Beau Chêne Homeowners Association website is Messages and updates will be posted to the site when access is available and on our member only Facebook page at and our public Facebook page at .

The Beau Chêne Homeowners Association’s hotline phone number is 1- (314)–272-0288. Please make note of this hotline phone number. This is a message only hotline to keep residents – especially evacuated residents – informed of conditions in Beau Chêne and is only active during storm events. Please refrain from leaving messages when calling this number.

Be prepared should a hurricane evacuation be ordered by the Parish. Make sure your car is ready in the event of a possible evacuation. Make sure to map out a route before you get on the road to your destination. To be informed of current conditions in the Parish please visit their website at:




The Results Are In…

Election of Directors Results

The results of the board of director elections were announced at our annual meeting last night, Wednesday, May 16th.  This year there were four (4) Directors elected for a three (3) year term each.

The newly elected directors are: David Parnell, C. DeShea Richardson, Michael Riggs and Doug Tate.  DeShea and Doug are reelected to another term and David and Michael are elected to their first terms.  Thank you for your willingness to volunteer your time and energies to positively impact our wonderful community. Congratulations!

Cristina Donovan
Chief Administrative Officer

BCHOA Election Reminder

Your vote matters! All property owners should have received the 2018 Ballot materials for the election of four (4) Directors in the mail. Each homeowner has the privilege and right to vote for their BCHOA Directors. Your vote also counts toward the establishment of a quorum for the transaction of business at the Annual Meeting. Carefully review the materials and cast your vote according to the instructions contained in the mailing.

All ballots must be received by The Ballot Box by May 9th to be counted. The results of the election will be announced at the Annual Meeting of homeowners on May 16, 2017.

If you did not receive the ballot materials, please notify me as soon as possible so I can have The Ballot Box resend the materials to your mailing address. I may be reached by phone at 985-231-6285 or email at

Please mark your calendars for these important dates. You can refer to our calendar on our website at for these and other important dates.



Cristina Donovan
Chief Administrative Officer
Beau Chene Homeowners Association

Main Entrance Roadway Work April 10 & 11, 2018

 Dear Homeowners and Residents,
Starting this Tuesday, April 10th  thru Wednesday, April 11th, roadwork will be performed on the inside left lane of the Main Entrance.  The right entrance lane will remain open for all vehicles during this period.  The roadwork consists of improvements and sealant to the stamped concrete under the porte cochere roof.
Please contact the BCHOA office at 985-231-6285 or via e-mail at with any questions.

Cristina Donovan
Chief Administrative Officer



Fire Hydrant Flushing

To:  Beau Chene Water System Homeowners and Residents

As part of Beau Chene’s Public Works Operation and Maintenance program, water system operators will be flushing fire hydrants beginning April 9th and continuing through April 20th, as necessary.  This operation will be conducted at night between the hours of 11:30p.m. and 5:30 a.m.

The purpose of flushing the fire hydrants is to remove loose mineral deposits from the water system distribution pipes.  Flushing operations are performed on a bi-annual basis, normally early in the year and then again immediately before the local fire district conducts required hydrant flow tests for firefighting and insurance rating purposes.

If as a result of either our hydrant flushing or fire district flow testing, you experience mineral deposits in your water, please open your outdoor faucet where water enters the house, and run water slowly until it is clear.  Then slowly run your indoor faucets until your system is clear.  Problems with deposits should be minimal as Beau Chene’s potable water system has been treated to sequester these naturally occurring well water minerals since 1996.

Very truly yours,

David Vinson
Public Works Director

Beau Chene’s Best Service Contractor – Northshore Disposal Services, Inc.

Northshore Disposal Services, Inc. (NSD) has been collecting Beau Chene’s garbage and yard trash for over 45 years! This tenure of service is not an accident, but a testament to the quality and level of service that this company has always maintained year after year. This family-owned and operated business was founded by Rodney Keys, Sr. in 1959 shortly after Mr. Keys married the love of his life, Victoria. They started servicing Beau Chene residents in 1973 when there were only seven houses built on Bocage Lane. Today, we have 1,185 single family homes and 339 condos all being serviced by NSD.

According to Rodney Jr., the eldest son, his father’s business philosophy was “Do it Right!” “Work Smart!” and “Do Quality Work!”. This work philosophy was ingrained into the family members and employees. Today, NSD is operated by the second generation of the Keys family. Rodney and Victoria had three children; Rodney Jr., Richard (Ricky) and a daughter named Robin. Robin passed away in 1986 from cancer at the age of 14. Rodney Jr. and Ricky are now the principal operators of the family business with their mother, Victoria, still performing administrative functions. Both Rodney Jr. and Ricky started working in the business during their junior high school years. Now they are both married and have families of their own. Rodney Jr. is married to Denean Trigs-Keys with two children; Robin-Renee (19 yrs. old) and Rodney, III (17 yrs. old). Ricky is married to Vanessa McKenzia Keys and they have two children as well; Raven (17 yrs. old) and Reina (13 yrs. old).

Rodney Jr. and Ricky are maintaining the high quality of service by training their employees with the same work philosophy as their deceased father trained them. Their level of commitment to their work is evidenced in every day work ethics and by consistently going above the call of duty. An amazing example of their dedication recently happened when they found a resident’s wallet in the middle of the road and brought it to our office. We contacted the resident, who did not realize she had dropped the wallet, and she was delighted to retrieve it with all its’ contents intact. Another example of service above the call of duty was when Rodney Jr. went to the dump to go through the trash to find a resident’s stock certificates and bonds that accidently got thrown out. In addition, they have gone through their trucks to retrieve a lost wedding ring and, I am sure, many other lost valuables over the years.

Rodney Jr. and Ricky both expressed their appreciation for serving our community. They both feel like family and have seen so many kids grow up here and now see them as adults moving back into Beau Chene with their families. Despite the recent trends in the waste disposal industry of consolidations by “big business”, NSD continues to maintain their family owned business with the highest level of personal service. We are very grateful for NSD and hope to see the business carry on through the next generation for many years to come.