Emergency Notification System

What is the Emergency Notification System (ENS)?
The Beau Chene Homeowners Association (BCHOA) has contracted with a third party to provide an Emergency Notification System (ENS).  The ENS will be utilized by the BCHOA, pursuant to an established protocol, when situations require notification to the homeowners and residents through means not sufficiently met by currently available social media postings or email notifications.

The ENS will be used to alert residents to situations that might arise for which immediate notice is a best practice. These situations will be outlined in a protocol for the ENS, but will include, but not be limited to:

  • Safety concerns involving ongoing police presence in the neighborhood;
  • Safety concerns involving any compromise to the BCHOA water system; 
  • Any safety concerns reported to the BCHOA concerning lost children; 
  • Any street outages or interruption in BCHOA services due to flooding;
  • Any ordered mandatory evacuations by state or local authorities; and
  • Any other situation that, as per the established protocol, requires notification to the homeowners and residents.

How Do I Sign Up?
You can choose to receive emergency notifications either as a phone call or text message. To sign up for the service click on one of the buttons below and complete the Opt-in form.

Who gets the ENS alerts?
Only residents of Beau Chene who have opted into the alert system will be notified by a Call or Text Message through the ENS for any matters that fall within the protocol. 

All general notices to the community about non-emergency matters will continue to be handled through the social media platforms for BCHOA on Facebook and via email.  Also, information may be obtained by contacting the BCHOA administration at the main office at (985) 231-6285 or email at info@bchoa.org.

How Do I Report Something?
To report a crime, suspicious activity, missing person, or anything that impacts the safety of the entire community, please call the St. Tammany Parish Sheriff’s Office by calling 911 or, for non-emergency matters, by calling the dispatch line at (985) 898-2338.

Following notification to the proper authorities, please provide similar information to the BCHOA Staff or 24/7 security representative at: 

Monday – Friday, 8am – 5pm: 985-231-6285
After Hours and Weekends: 985-845-7560 Main Gate or 985-845-8495 East Gate