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Guard of the Quarter – 1st Quarter 2018


We are pleased to announce Mr. William Hickman has been selected as the recipient of the “Guard of the Quarter” for the first quarter of 2018. Mr. Hickman has been with Vinson Guard Service and at Beau Chene for 15 months, becoming a full-time guard in June 2017. He currently works at the East Gate from 6 am until 2 pm, and at times works the outside lane at that gate from 3 pm to 6 pm.

Mr. Hickman is a Navy veteran, having guarded nuclear warheads on a destroyer and serving 3 tours overseas. Mr. Hickman said in the 6 months he has been at the East Gate, he has tried to improve service during his shift. He has noticed a general change in attitude, such that fewer residents are expressing dissatisfaction about the quality of service. He said recently when working the outside lane at the East Gate during peak traffic times, he had also been trying to alert the residents that the RFID entry system was about to go on line and that a RFID tag would be needed to use the lane.

Mr. Hickman has excellent attendance and is a consistent, reliable security officer. Please join us in congratulating him for his special recognition. William is pictured here with Chrystal Jacobs, Branch Operations Manager, Vinson Guard Service, Inc.

Submitted by Bill Maier

Guard of the Quarter – 2nd Quarter 2017

We are pleased to announce the recipient of the “Guard of the Quarter” for 2nd quarter of 2017 as Kenyatta Magee. Kenyatta has been a guard at Beau Chene since August of 2014. She is usually working at the Marina Gate from 6:00 am till 2:00 pm. With her tenure, Kenyatta knows many of our residents in the Marina section of Beau Chene and greets everyone with a big smile despite her diminutive frame of only 4’9” in stature.

Our “Guard of the Quarter” program is meant to recognize superior performance by a security guard. Performance areas considered include:  Consistency, Communication skills, Judgement/Rationality, Reliability, Trustworthiness, and Appearance. Consistent and reliable security service is important to Kenyatta. Her husband is a nine- year NOPD detective and she has two daughters, ages 9 and 12. Family is very important to her and Beau Chene’s security needs fit in with Kenyatta’s consistent approach to her work.

When asked what would help her perform her duties, Kenyatta said having a barrier gate arm added at the Marina Gate would help her to stop and verify the visitors. Please join us in congratulating Kenyatta for this special recognition. Kenyatta was awarded a Certificate of Appreciation and a $50.00 gift card.

Kenyatta is pictured here with Cristina Donovan, CAO and Vinson Guard Service, Inc.’s Utility Supervisor, Chrystal Jacobs.

Submitted by Cristina Donovan