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Keeping you Informed

The Board and Management are working on many items vital to our continued success. The following are highlights from the recent Board meeting

-) Dana Brown & Associates was approved by the Board to develop a Master Re-Image Plan for the community. The Master Plan will be developed based on the desired wishes of the entire community and once implemented will keep us competitive in the housing marketplace for the next 40 years.

-) The new website is now active and available as a resource for the community. You can find us at

-) The Board approved an increase in the pollution insurance coverage limits pending a request to cover “all locations” owned by BCHOA. This will give residents peace of mind that in the event our sewerage & water infrastructure is damaged or fails we have sufficient insurance limits to handle a claim.

-) The street overlay project was awarded to Huey Stockstill Company. With the low bid of $253,000; Huey Stockstill will soon begin work on what is our continued efforts to keep the roadways maintained.

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Use of Golf Carts in the Neighborhood

As recreational use of golf carts continues to increase we wish to provide, for informational purposes only, a reminder that safety for all residents should be a priority. When children are allowed to drive golf carts without adult supervision in the neighbor we are putting both residents and non-residents at risk. An unlicensed golf cart is not street legal in St. Tammany Parish and or the State of Louisiana and subsequently driving them on the street as an adult or child is breaking the law.

Being involved in an accident could potentially create personal liability risk on the part of the golf cart’s owner and or driver. Many of the golf carts in the neighborhood do not have headlights, so please be careful as this causes added risk at dusk and or after dark. It is important to know that only golf carts that are “property of” Beau Chêne Country Club or private owned golf carts “registered” with Beau Chêne Country Club are authorized for access to the cart paths that are property of Beau Chêne Country Club.

As a precaution, should you own a golf cart and drive it on the streets in Beau Chêne, you may want to consult your insurance agent to determine what type(s) of coverage you have for your golf cart. Insurance policies and carriers have different coverage terms therefore, on a case by case basis, it is important to know whether or not coverage is provided under your automobile, homeowner, and or personal general liability policies. It is important to know what options are available to make sure you have proper insurance coverage.

As parents, please do what you can to ensure that the safety of our children comes first. Please obey the traffic laws and use good common sense so that we can keep the community safe for all residents and visitors.